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Name Lauren
Gender Female
Age 34
Marital Status Single
Phone No 070 *******
Mobile Phone No 070 *******
Email Address SA *******
Nationality UK
Date Of Starting 2 , 1 , 2017
Desired Location Seoul,Kyunggido,In-chon
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree you have BA/BS
Saturday Work No
Teaching level desired Kindergarten,Elementary
Education &
   Work Experience
Teaching Experience
Five years plus of teaching experience in various educational settings.
• 2 years experience teaching; British National Curriculum. British International School
• 3 years experience teaching ESL; Bilingual/Multicultural Education System
• 6 months full time teaching experience TEFL; Language Centre and Public School

Attended Dates Education Level
The University of Liverpool 2002 - 2005 Degree of Bachelor of Science (Psychology with Internet and Communications Technology) with honours 2:1

Professional Development
Attended Dates Qualification
University of Cambridge (International Examinations) Completed November 2011 University of Cambridge International Examinations Online Professional Development Course: Introduction to Cambridge Primary

International Schools Association
of Thailand Completed October 2011 Thai Language, Culture and Professional Ethics Course
for Non Thai Teacher

I –to- I Completed
September 2007 Teaching English As A Foreign Language Certificate (TEFL) Teaching English As A Second Or Other Language (TESOL)
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