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Name Nathan ********
Gender Male
Age 28
Marital Status Single
Phone No 010 *******
Mobile Phone No 010 *******
Email Address joh *******
Nationality USA
Date Of Starting 9 , 30 , 209
Desired Location Others
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree you have BA/BS
Saturday Work
Teaching level desired Kindergarten,Elementary
Education &
   Work Experience
Experience with Children
• I am an uncle of 9 children. Ages 2-13.
• One-to-one reading experience with elementary aged students.
• Assistant soccer coach for niece, age 6.
• English instructor for 2 years in Gwangju.
How do you know
   our company?
y name is Nathan Johnson. I am currently teaching in Gwangju. I have been here for 2 years

i make 2.4million in 풍암동. I prefer Gwangju if possible. Also, i want to start in later September or October, because I want to visit my mother in USA. I think that is a difficult time to find a job.

i will leave at the end of August. Maybe 25th? So there is time to find a new job.

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