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Name Stefan **
Gender Male
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Phone No 070 *******
Mobile Phone No 070 *******
Email Address ok *******
Nationality UK
Date Of Starting 4 , 1 , 2018
Desired Location In-chon
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree you have BA/BS
Saturday Work
Teaching level desired Kindergarten,Elementary
Education &
   Work Experience
Other Qualification: LLB
Degree Subject: Law (Hons)
University / Institution: University of Hertfordshire
Grade: 2.2
Do you have a TEFL certificate: No
Were you educated in your native country?: Yes

Why do you want to teach overseas?:
I have always known that one day I\'d go into teaching, however on graduating university I was determined to travel as much as possible whilst I could. This lead to me gaining a deep affection for travelling and immersing myself in different cultures; it wasn\'t until recently after speaking to a friend that I realised I could teach whilst travelling and begin my career in education in a truly enjoyable way. I also have a deep fascination with language on a sociological scale so I relish the opportunity to teach - and learn - as many languages as possible.
How do you know
   our company?
Location Preferences: City / Coastal

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