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Basic information
Job Type Full time    Part time
Name of School
Person In Charge
Address 우편번호    우편번호검색

※ Please fill in delivery address for? immigration docs of E2 visa.
Cell phone (문자 메세지 서비스 가능)
Email Address
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Working Start year month date
Gender male female male or female
Needed person person
Age under Monthly payment million won
Overtime payment won Holiday day
Sick leave day Severance nothing for 1 month’s
Teaching Class Kinder    Elementary   Middle   High    University, Adult
How many students each class persons
Weekly working day hours Working day (ex : Mon.~Fri)
Working times
Punch in and out , Break time after each class, lunch time.
House Single   Share    Homestay    Allowance   [ Distance: min]
Current foreign teachers person
Korean teaches person
Air ticket Round trip ? One way Nothing
Medical insurance nothing 50%
Pension nothing 50%
* If you send employment contract and view photo of school, it will be very helpful for us.
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Photo of school
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