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Job Type 풀타임
학원,학교 또는 회사명 수******
담당자명 Ja******
주 소 [ Kyunggido ]  [ 442-190 ]
경기 ******
전화번호 031******
핸드폰번호 010******
이 메 일 jason******
홈페이지 https://learning.suwon.go.kr/

요 구 사 항
채용희망일 2022,10,07
국 적 United States, Canada, South A
성 별 무관   
채 용 인 원 1 명
나 이 대 n/a 세 이하 월 급 여 250-300 만원
오버타임수당 x1.5 of ho 원 휴가일수 in accorda 일
병 가 일 수 in accorda 일 보너스 1개월분
가르칠 대상 유치부,초등부,중등부,대학,성인
반당 학생수 12 명
주당근무시간 40 시간 근무요일 Mon-Fri (예 : 월~금)
수 업 시 간 표 09:00-18:00
제공되는 집의 형태 싱글   [ 거리: 10 분]
현재 외국인강사수 4 명
한국인 강사수 2 명
항 공 료 왕복
의 료 보 험 50%
고 용 보 험 50%
학원,숙소의 사진
하실말씀 ***1 Teacher wanted***
Suwon Global Lifelong Learning Center (수원시 글로벌 평생학습관)
The Center is supported by Suwon City Government and managed by Ajou university. The Center is located in Suwon and is well resourced with a very supportive team.
*Starting date: October 7th, 2022
*Working hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm plus one weekend each month (paid as compensation holiday or overtime)
*Salary: 2.2~2.6 based on experience/qualifications + housing/insurance/pension provided
*Requirements: Native speaker with a bachelor degree from a country recognized by Korea to legally sponsor an E-2 visa (United States, Canada, South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland) or an F visa holder
*Student range: Kindergarten to Elementary, middle, and adults
*Details: Work days are mainly divided into two programs: regular and after school.
The regular program operates from 9:00am - 2:30pm and is run as a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'camp\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' for kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. Schools within Suwon apply to attend a 1-3 day program of themed classes, such as cooking, music, physics, geometry and so on.
From 3pm - 6pm, the center operates like a traditional hagwon Mon - Thu for kindy, elementary/middle school students and adults. Teachers teach 50 minute classes and have a maximum of 10, or 12 students depending on the type of class.
During school vacation, the center operates summer and winter camps.
There are designated times each year for program development. Teachers are expected to develop PPTs for weekend programs, summer and winter camps and the new school year. These are completed during times when the regular/morning program is closed.
Other duties include regular lesson planning and writing reports for students from the after school program (once per term). Parent liaison is completed by Korean co-teachers. Teachers teach by prescribed workbooks, however may consult with an admin for flexibility to create fun and interactive ways for students to learn. There are lots of resources available for staff to use.
*Location: 2 World cup-ro 381beon-gil Paldal-gu, Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do (near Suwon Worldcup stadium & Kwanggyo subway station, Shinbundang Line)
Though nationality, race and gender are irrelevant, must be energetic to lead classes with young students and be able to build a positive rapport with them.
Sociable teachers with a positive mindset and attitude welcome.
Teachers able to adapt to and respect differences in culture welcome.
Applicants currently residing in Korea preferred.

Total List 242 ( 1 / 17 )
242Kangwondo [풀타임]CL Eng******채용진행ASAP.00.0016
241Kyunggido [풀타임]레지오******채용진행2023.00.013
240Seoul [풀타임]라이즈******채용진행2023.03.014
239Kyunggido [풀타임]wonder******채용진행2022.11.0150
238Kyunggido [풀타임]GBA Gl******채용진행ASAP.00.0024
237Kyungsangbukdo [풀타임]Gyeong******채용진행2023.01.0018
236Ulsan [풀타임]장*********채용완료2022.09.2612
235Kyunggido [풀타임]라이즈******채용진행2023.03.0236
234In-chon [풀타임]엔**********채용완료2022.07.2523
233Kyunggido[선택] [풀타임]수원시******채용진행2022.10.0728
232Ulsan [풀타임]Spot O******채용진행2022.10.0128
231Kwangju [풀타임]리더스******채용진행2022.09.26193
230Kyunggido [풀타임]****쉬******채용완료2022.08.0124
229Kyunggido [풀타임]**글로******채용완료2022.08.0525
228Seoul [풀타임]성*청******채용진행2022.08.2951

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