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Job Type 풀타임
학원,학교 또는 회사명 Yel******
담당자명 김******
주 소 [ Kyunggido ]  [ 448-830 ]
경기 ******
전화번호 031******
핸드폰번호 010******
이 메 일 trmin******
홈페이지 www.yellowbridge.net

요 구 사 항
채용희망일 2019,2,28
국 적 USA, Canadian, UK, Ireland
성 별 남   
채 용 인 원 1 명
나 이 대 35 세 이하 월 급 여 Starting a 만원
오버타임수당 20000 원 휴가일수 10 일
병 가 일 수 0 일 보너스 1개월분
가르칠 대상 유치부,초등부
반당 학생수 12 명
주당근무시간 40 시간 근무요일 M-F, Sat(5-6 times a (예 : 월~금)
수 업 시 간 표
제공되는 집의 형태 싱글   [ 거리: 분]
현재 외국인강사수 4 명
한국인 강사수 12 명
항 공 료 편도
의 료 보 험 50%
고 용 보 험 50%
학원,숙소의 사진
하실말씀 School Description:

Yellow Bridge is a kindergarten and afterschool elementary English hagwon in Suji (25 minutes from Gangnam by subway). We are located at Seongbok-dong Station on the Shin-bundang line. We are looking for a Native English Speaking teacher whom can start in Feb 13, 2019 for a 1-year contract ending in February 29, 2020 (with a possibility of renewal).


1. Native English Speaker
2. BA from accredited university in native English countries
3. Energetic and loves working with children
4. Must have all required documents for visa process (National Background check with apostille and BA official copy with apostille) OR must currently be in Korea on an E2 or F4 visa


1. Starting Salary KRW 2.1 mil. Negotiable depending on teaching experiences in the same field.
2. 1-month severance pay after successful completion of 1-year contract
3. 50% Medical insurance coverage through the National Health Insurance System
4. Pension contribution matched by us (refundable once you depart Korea)
5. Modern and clean housing provided (within walking distance of school)
7. One week paid vacation summer and winter
8. All National Korean Holidays paid vacation
9. Free access to fitness center at building location
10. Provides one-way air ticket from the teacher\'s country to Korea. If the teacher already resides in Korea, then we provide one-way air ticket from Korea to the teacher\'s country.

Working Conditions:

1. Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday-Friday (Saturday around 5-6 times a year)
2. Class size: 4-12, kindergarten students in the morning and elementary students in the afternoon.
3. Work very closely with your Korean co-teacher

How to Apply:

Email your application package to trminamanila@naver.com

1. Current Resume/CV
2. A cover letter outlining your skills and personal teaching philosophy.
3. Recent photo of yourself

If the teacher is offered a job by us, then the teacher should immediately provide the following:

1. Official documents for background check (issued by FBI, if the teacher is a US citizen. Or other similar government agency, if not US citizen).

2. Official proof of bachelor\'s degree (or certificate of university graduation) with apostille

Total List 284 ( 10 / 19 )
149Kyungsangnamdo [풀타임](주)데******채용완료2020.03.16481
148Seoul [풀타임]에쥬********채용완료2020.03.16480
147Taegu [풀타임]정**********채용완료2020.03.13501
146Kwangju [풀타임]아이********채용완료2020.02.28469
145Chollabukdo [풀타임]유나********채용완료2020.02.10481
144Kyunggido [풀타임]주식회******채용완료2020.02.18532
143Taejon [풀타임]**이아******채용완료2020.03.02520
142Kyunggido [풀타임](주)********채용완료2020.03.02496
141Seoul [풀타임]SunKyu******채용진행2020.02.00540
140Kangwondo [풀타임]Dongha******채용진행2020.03.01505
139Kyungsangbukdo [풀타임]경상북******채용진행2020.03.01520
138Kyungsangnamdo [풀타임]북면지******채용진행2020.03.03547
137Seoul [풀타임]GANGNA******채용진행2020.03.01572
136Seoul [풀타임]Morphu******채용진행2020.04.01580
135In-chon [풀타임]이야********채용완료2019.11.18671

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