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Document delivery and address
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Please send following docs to us as soon as possible. Please use express courier like DHL, FEDEX,  Please do not use  http://www.parcelforce.com/ and http://www.royalmail.com ,they are not  speedy couriers

-Criminal background check – has to be apostiled and nationwide check , not state and no record  UK has to be "STRICKTLY PRIVATE AND COFINDENTIAL" (SPAC)
-University Diploma –has to be apostiled 
-Copy of Passport.
-Self test heath statement -attached and it has to be signed

( Marijuana is illegal in Korea even though it is legal in some countries)
-Original contract-has to be signed.
-4 passport sized photo.

-New application form of Visa issuance attached. Fill in only Red line No1.~No5 , No 7.6~No 7.8

- English TESOL or TEFL certificates if you have

Here is the delivery address as follows
Delivery address:

Postcode*** (47256)

Busan City

Busan Jin-gu


Sae Sak-ro

41-1, room 203

South Korea

Receiver : Park Sung Jin (Talknlearn Korea)

Mobile 010-4191-2063


 After sending above all of documents,  please let us know tracking number too

Here is information of Sponsor in application of visa from Korean Consult




8.1 초청인/초청회사 Do you have anyone sponsoring you for the visa ?

     아니오 No [   ]    Yes [   ]   선택 시 상세내용 기재 IfYesplease provide details

  a) 초청인/초청회사명 Name of your visa sponsor (Korean, foreign resident in Korea, company, or institute)


  b) 생년월일/사업자등록번호 Date of Birth/Business Registration No.


  c) 관계 Relationship to you


  d) 주소 Address

  e) 전화번호 Phone No.


Please be advised that the visa fee has been increased to £154.00.

Here are some tips for completing the Visa Application From:

Fill in only section on 1, 2 and 12 of the application form.

Please visa issuance number and submit the required documents to Korean Consulate 
*required documents*

1) E2 VISA issuance number 
2) Passport  (Original)
3) Visa Application & Consulate Check form (attached)
4) 2 passport size photos (3,5 x 4,5
, colour photo)

5) Fee has increased 154(Payable to: the Korean Embassy only either by cash or by postal order. Personal Cheques or Scottish pounds are not acceptable.)


Korean Embassy in London: http://gbr.mofat.go.kr/eng/eu/gbr/main/index.jsp

Address : 60 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ

Tel : +44 (0)20 7227 5500

Fax : +44 (0)20 7227 5504

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