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E-learning teachers
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We are a foreign language education company that mainly provides English and Chinese curriculums.
Learners can reach us wherever, whenever they want to because our curriculums are based on E-learning.
We almost have developed our own contents for juniors learners and are about to launch sooner or later.
Now, we are planning to develop children’s contents, which needs you with your passion.
If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us.

Nationality : US, Canada, Austrailia native
Gender : female preferred
Age : 20s preferred
Work hours : At least 5 hours a day. e.g. 8am to 1pm / 1pm to 6pm (if possible, arrange schedule around yours)
Payment : 10000-40,000 won/hour (graded payment according to work experiences)
Starting Date : the end of June
Location : Seocho, Seoul (near Nambu-terminal)

Send your CV with your picture on by e-mail to juryan@evercle.co.kr

작성일자 : 2018년 05월 15일

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1161 Jeju island, Kinder~elementary, start Nov.1st....관리자18-09-2733
1160 Changwon,start end Oct, elementary and middle관리자18-09-2742
1159 Daejeon,start earlier Oct , elementary and mid...관리자18-09-2139
1158 Hongseong, Chungcheong province, start Oct, el...관리자18-09-1841
1157 Dongtan, Kinder~elementary,start asap Oct 2018...관리자18-09-1749

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