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Incheon public elementary school not affliated with EPIK , start May 24th or Jun3rd
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I have a public shool In incheon
for additional recruitment .

If you are interested in, send CV to talknlearn1@gmail.com

Wage is as follows

basic 2.2 mil won
afterschool program(1 hour) 150,000 won~200,000 won a month additionaly
housing allowance 500,000 won
totally 2.85~2.9 mil won a month

No house
Airfare one way (completing bonus Cash 1.0 mil won)
Severance pay 2.2 mil won
all of classes end at 4:30pm and go home
Do not miss opportunity of public job What a cool job !!

 Incheon public elementary school not affliated with EPIK , start May 24th or Jun3rd
Gender:  male or female
Starting date: May 24th or Jun 3rd.2019
Type of Students :elementary
Needed :2
Working days a week : Mon~Friday ,,
Full time Payment : 2.2mil won a month (basic)
Bonus for afterschool program :150,000~200,000won a month
Housing allowance:500,000won  a month
No house
Airfare one way: Cash Upfront 1,000,000 as retuning tikcet
Holidays :6 weeks a year
Operating hours : 8:50am~4:30pm ( go home at 4:30pm)

Health insurance :50%




작성일자 : 2019년 05월 20일

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