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Gimcheon .2.5mil won, start July~Aug.2020, elementary
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If you are interested in, please send your resume with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com
 Gimcheon .2.5mil won, start July~Aug.2020, elementary
Location: Gimcheon .Gyeongbuk province
Type of Students :elementary
Gender:  female or male
Working days a week : Mon~Friday 
Payment : 2.5 mil won  per month
Overtime pay :20,000 won per hour
Housing  provided (Bicycle,laptop,gym and buffet available in hotel residence)
Completion bonus :
Severacen PAY

Operating hours :1pm~7pm

One way  airfare provided,

Starting date:.July~Aug.2020

Teacher`s Vacation:10days
Health Insurance : 50%



작성일자 : 2020년 07월 13일

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