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Chang nyeong goverment english school, Sep 1st and end Nov,4 couples needed,
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If you are interested in, please send your CV with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com

Chang nyeong goverment english school, Sep 1st  and end Nov,4 couples needed,
Location: Changnyeong ,Gyeongsang country
Couple 4
Nationality :US,CA,

Start date: Sep 1st  and end Nov.2017

Salary: 2.3 to 2.6 million won

Students:  Elementary to middle

Housing :Couple's room

Class Schedule : 1230pm~7pm

Length of classes : 

Teaching hours per month : 120 hours per month

Vacation: 2 weeks

Currently native English teacher :8

Air-fare :two ways, reimbursed

Severance Pay :

Health Insurance :Yes


작성일자 : 2017년 06월 01일

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