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Incheon public elementary school, March 2nd.2019
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If you are interested in, please send your CV with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com

I have public shool In incheon
for your understading , wage is as follows

basic 2.05 mil won
afterschool program(1 hour) 100,000 won...
housing allowance 400,000 won
totally 2.55 mil won a month

No house
Airfare one way (completing bonus Cash 1.3 mil won)
Severance pay 2.05 mil won
Summe camp(1 week) 600,000 won
Winter camp (1 week) 600,000 won
all of classes end at 4:30pm and go home
There are two vacancies now,prefer female , of course experience prefer.

Do not miss opportunity of public job What a cool job !!

☎☎☎ Incheon public elementary school,  March 2nd.2019 
Gender:  male or female
Starting date: March 2nd.2019
Type of Students :elementary
Nationality :US,CA,UK,IRE,SA,AUS,NZ
Needed :2
Working days a week : Mon~Friday ,,
Full time Payment : 2.05mil won a month (basic)
Bonus for afterschool program :200,000won a month
Bonus for Summer /Winter  vocation's camp : extra pay 1,200,000won
Housing allowance: 400,000won  a month
No house
Airfare one way: Cash Upfront 1,300,000 as retuning tikcet
Holidays :6 weeks a year
Completion bonus
Operating hours : 8:30am~4:30pm ( go home at 4:30pm)

Health insurance :50%



* Demostration class in School : 1 class (10 min) for 3rd or 4th grade elementary school student

작성일자 : 2019년 01월 28일

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