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Cheongju, couple available,start fm earlier May.,Kinder and elementary
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If you are interested in, please send your resume with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com
Cheongju, couple available,start fm earlier May.,Kinder and elementary
Location : Cheongju,Chungcheong province
Type of Students : KInder and elementary
Gender:male or female or couple,
Country :USA, CA, AUS
Working days a week : Mon~Friday 
Payment : 2.2~2.3 mil won  per month

Housing provided
Completion bonus
Operating hours :930am~630pm(Mon/Wed/Fri), 930am~530pm(T/T)
Airfare one way provided
Starting date:  earlier May  2019
Teacher`s Vacation: 14 days
Health Insurance : 50%


작성일자 : 2019년 04월 05일

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