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1. Aim of improvement.

When first applying for the visa status for the first time, although it takes some time we will verify the qualification thoroughly. After the verification is done the related procedure will be greatly simplified.

2. The details

Criminal background check reinforcement
- A criminal background check from your own country's government which covers the whole country's information is required.
- According to the Korean immigration law a criminal background check from the Korean Ambassador of your country will not be accepted.(But, if the document is issued by the verification of your own government and it is proved, the document will be exceptionally accepted.)
- Until 2010.12.31 the criminal background check from either central government, local government or the Ambassador in other country except Korea will be accepted. But, when the time applying for alien registration or the next sojourn related application is made, you will have to hand in the criminal back ground check which is nationwide version.

- Those who came in before 2010.7.15 and still in Korea and also those who did not hand in sufficient document should hand in the nationwide version criminal background check when you make a sojourn related application after 2011.1.1.

The change of 'self verification of the original diploma' system
- From 2010.9.1 when you get visa status invitation, apply for extension, apply for the permission to move into a new workplace and all kinds of sojourn related applications you will have to submit a copy of your diploma or graduation certificate or certificate of obtain degree which has a Apostille stamp or verification from the Korean Embassy in your own country or a verification from the Korean Council For University Education.
* The original rule for submitting the original diploma and sealed transcript system will be abolished.(from 2010.9.1)
* Submitting the sealed transcript will be omitted.(from 2010.9.1)

The simplification of required documents of re-applying for a certificate of visa issuance approval
- Criminal background check
· Those who had stayed overseas under 3months to issue a visa status can omit the document.(If staying over 3month overseas, the document should be submitted when the foreigner applies alien registration.)
- Certificate of obtain degree
· Those who submitted a verified document can omit it.

An additional sojourn period when applying for a certificate of visa issuance approval.
- When the visa status is issued, additional 1month (term of contract+ 1month) will be added to the term of a contract.(within maximum 2 years)
* Example) When applying for a certificate of visa issuance approval. after making 1year contract between a teacher and the employer, teacher will get additional 1month from the ending date of the contract.

Marijuana test is added to the drug test list.
- Since the crime related to Marijuana is happening again and again, Cannabinoid test has been added to the drug test list.
* List of medical check : To check the fact of taking drugs such as Philopon, Heroin, Meta Amphetamine, Amphetamine, Marijuana etc. TBPE test and Cannabinoid test should be taken.


Medical check can only be done in specific hospitals.
- For the reliance of the result of the drug test the headquarters of immigration is going to select a specific hospital which has a perfect system for the drug test.
- To select a specific hospital the headquarters of immigration will get help from the Ministry of Public Welfare of Korea. Hospitals which have perfect check system will get the priority of the selection. And to give less difficulty for those who live far the selection will be made near every local immigration offices. Also official announcement will be made.
* In the closest future medical check document will be accepted when they are from the selected hospitals.

A revision of HIV infected people regulations.

- By the regulation, just because of the reason infected to HIV, no rejection will happen when applying for a certificate of visa issuance approval or get their visa status canceled or will not be forced to leave Korea.(from 2010.7.15)

For further information contact the immigration call center (1345 without district number)