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Name CHRIS *****
Gender Male
Age 35
Marital Status Single
Phone No 940 *******
Mobile Phone No 940 *******
Email Address chr *******
Nationality USA
Date Of Starting 3 , 1 , 2018
Desired Location Seoul,Kyunggido
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree you have BA/BS
Saturday Work
Teaching level desired Elementary,Middle,High school
Education &
   Work Experience
University of North Texas
12/2003 BAAS
• GPA 3.5
Texas State Technical College
08/2000 Biomedical Equipment Technology
• GPA 3.8
English Teacher, Republic of Korea – 2005-2011
Duties, including but not limited to:
- Administered weekly self-created lessons involving reading, writing, grammar and critical-thinking
- Implemented monthly assessments to analyze students\' progression, strengths and weaknesses
- Encouraged conversational skills using weekly prompts to initiate dialogue
- Facilitated English language acquisition through reading of numerous texts of various genres appropriate for the age and development level of each student
- Kept record of student progress and assigned grades based on performance

How do you know
   our company?
I\'m currently looking for a job in Wonju, Gangwon-do starting March 1st or later. If not possible I am willing to work in any city including Seoul and cities between Wonju and Seoul. Attached is my resume and photo.

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