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Job Type 풀타임
학원,학교 또는 회사명 GKI******
담당자명 Al******
주 소 [ Seoul ]  [ 138-040 ]
서울 ******
전화번호 82-******
핸드폰번호 82-******
이 메 일 alice******
홈페이지 www.gkis.co.kr

요 구 사 항
채용희망일 2018,05,14-25
국 적 USA, UK, Canada, Australia
성 별 무관   
채 용 인 원 2 명
나 이 대 세 이하 월 급 여 2.4~2.8 만원
오버타임수당 휴가일수
병 가 일 수 보너스 1개월분
가르칠 대상 유치부,초등부,중등부
반당 학생수 10 명
주당근무시간 30 시간 근무요일 Mon-Fri (예 : 월~금)
수 업 시 간 표 10AM-7:30PM 10AM-5:10PM 1:30PM-8PM
제공되는 집의 형태 싱글   [ 거리: 분]
현재 외국인강사수 20 명
한국인 강사수 15 명
항 공 료 왕복
의 료 보 험 50%
고 용 보 험 50%
학원,숙소의 사진
하실말씀 GKI (Global Kids International http://www.gkis.co.kr ) Language School is looking for American or Canadian teachers, who can start from mid-end of May. We are a growing Private English School specializing in education for Kindergarten, Elementary school-aged children. As an instruction you will be paid 2.4 to 2.8 million won per month (depending on your teaching schedule, experience, and qualifications. You will work basically 30 hours a week. Monday through Friday only. There is no Saturday school at GKI. We offer one-year renewable contract with the following benefits:

. Round Trip Airfare
. National Health Insurance
. Relocation fee provided
. Private apartment (NO Roommate) furnished with, air-conditioned, Cable TV, Internet Service, refrigerator, washing machine, and many extras.
. Visa Sponsorship
. 1 Month Bonus Pay upon completion of contract
. Friendly, cooperative working environment

. Native Speaker with teaching experience
. B.Ed/BA/BS
. Enthusiasm for teaching
. Outgoing personality
. Willingness to cooperate and be a part of a growing team

Documents Required for Working Visa:
. Resume
. Recent Photograph
. Copy of Passport
. Apostilled Copy of Diploma (US)
Notarized Copy of Diploma by Korean Consulate (Canada)
. Apostilled FBI Criminal Record Checks (US)
Notarized RCMP Criminal Record Checks by Korean Consulate (Canada)
. \'Self Medical Check\' Form
. Copy of passport
. GKI Contract,

Please contact Alice, aliceyjkim10@gmail.com
Phone : +82-2-473-0253

Hello! My name is Grace I have been teaching at GKI school since March 2014. It\'s a good school with a large English-speaking staff. There are 18 native speakers, and the Korean staff is approachable and helpful. Our apartments are 5-10 minutes walking distance from GKI School. The neighborhood is nice, and it\'s easy to take a bus or the subway to Coex Mall, Lotte World, and other interesting places. We\'re also walking distance from Olympic Park, which is beautiful! I am very happy that I chose to work at GKI


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321Seoul[선택] [풀타임]GKI Sc******채용진행2018.05.1472
320Kangwondo [풀타임]이튼 ******채용진행2018.06.2070
319Chungchongnamdo [풀타임]Little******채용진행2018.04.0098
318Kyungsangbukdo [풀타임]*주초******채용진행2018.03.01267
317Kyungsangbukdo [풀타임]Butter******채용진행2018.00.10247
316Kyunggido [풀타임]오즈잉******채용진행2018.03.02304
315Seoul [풀타임]RiSE ******채용완료2108.03.02274
314Taegu [풀타임]Union ******채용진행2018.02.26246
313Seoul [풀타임]Little******채용진행2018.03.01235
312Chungchongbukdo [풀타임]위너스******채용진행2018.00.00777
311Kyungsangbukdo [풀타임]ChildU******채용진행2018.03.02153
310Chollanamdo [풀타임]표현어******채용완료2017.09.26171
309In-chon [풀타임]정철어******채용완료2017.09.06157

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