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Job Type 풀타임
학원,학교 또는 회사명 Lit******
담당자명 Ra******
주 소 [ Seoul ]  [ 135-120 ]
서울 ******
전화번호 02-******
핸드폰번호 010******
이 메 일 job@l******

요 구 사 항
채용희망일 2018,03,01
국 적 USA, Canada
성 별 무관   
채 용 인 원 3 명
나 이 대 40 세 이하 월 급 여 ~2.3 만원
오버타임수당 30000 원 휴가일수 10 일
병 가 일 수 3 일 보너스 없음
가르칠 대상 유치부,초등부
반당 학생수 14 명
주당근무시간 30 시간 근무요일 Mon~Fri (예 : 월~금)
수 업 시 간 표 9am to 5pm
제공되는 집의 형태 싱글   [ 거리: 10 분]
현재 외국인강사수 13 명
한국인 강사수 13 명
항 공 료 편도
의 료 보 험 50%
고 용 보 험 50%
학원,숙소의 사진
하실말씀 Christian English Kindergarten in Central Seoul
Full Time Teaching Position
The Little School, a Christian English Kindergarten, is looking for teachers who want to teach lovely little children (morning kinder class: age 5-7/ Elementary Class: age 8-11). Little School is a private, Christian kindergarten located in the Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea. Each person is designated as a specific subject teacher in five, six or seven year old age groups for kindergarten. Teachers will also be required to teach small, elementary level classes for certain days of the week. A good teacher for this position would be flexible, organized, and has a positive attitude. Little School is currently looking for teachers who love children and God, but is flexible if the right person is found for the job.
The Little School offers a program similar to kindergarten or elementary classes in North America.
We teach a wide range of subjects including math, science, art, English, cooking and physical education.
Teachers are in charge of their own classroom (6-14 students).
The company offers exclusive education program starting from kindergarten to elementary after school program..
Bilingual Korean partner is in the classroom all the time.

“Little School gives an excellent, faith-based education to the children of Korea. There are a lot of events, such as Spring Festival and Korean Culture Day, and also many field trips throughout the year. Little School is a very exciting place to work, and it is very rewarding to watch the children grow in their English skills. Little School treats its foreign teachers with respect and gives great benefits such as housing and a work schedule. It is a lot of hard work to be a teacher at this school, however, if the right person is self-motivated and has a positive attitude; it will be a memorable and worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend working at Little School!” - From current teacher at Little School -

Location: 10 minute walk from Sinsa subway station (Orange Line # 3)
Starting date : March 1st, 2018
E-Mail : job@littleschool.co.kr
Working hour: Five days (Monday ~ Friday) 9:00am~5:30pm (1 hour lunch break during duty hour)
Monthly Salary& Housing : Depends on the working hour, teacher\'s education background and teaching experiences) + Housing or Housing allowance. Teachers with TEACHER’s CERTIFICATION and Teaching Experience in Kindergarten School would be able to have more benefit.
Offers extra teaching opportunities (30,000won per hour)
Housing: Housing in Gangnam Area (around Little School)
Severance pay: equivalent to one month’s salary upon completion of 1 year contract
Visa : Support E-2 visa
Paid vacation: Total 10 days of (summer/winter) paid vacation and Korean National Holidays.
Health Insurance & National Pension: 50 % / 50 %
Airline ticket: Incoming (when you are outside of country)
- Have a heart for children & God’s ministry (Christian)
- Native English speaker.
- Have a bachelor degree (4 years)

Resume including contact information
- Resume (include Current Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email Address and the best time to reach you, photo),
- Cover letter
T) 02-3442-0522 1st Floor Little School .527-1, Shinsa Dong, Grangnam-Gu, Seoul. Korea


Total List 339 ( 1 / 23 )
339Taejon [풀타임]지앤비******채용완료2018.09.1035
338Chollabukdo [풀타임]상*어******채용완료2018.09.0331
337Kyunggido [파트타임] Ori g******채용진행.00.1036
336Kangwondo [풀타임]PRO.D.******채용진행2018.08.06127
335In-chon [풀타임]아이스******채용진행2018.08.06124
334Kyunggido [풀타임]*ltior******채용진행2018.09.01107
333Seoul [풀타임]정철어******채용진행2018.09.04110
332Seoul [풀타임]E*동작******채용진행2018.09.0398
331Chollanamdo [풀타임]Glolin******채용진행2018.11.01133
330Chungchongnamdo [풀타임]bo** E******채용진행1.07.30163
329Kyungsangnamdo [풀타임]**레어******채용완료2018.02.01111
328Chungchongnamdo [풀타임]*리어******채용완료2018.03.02118
327Busan [풀타임]아이********채용진행2018.03.02120
326Kyungsangnamdo [풀타임]아발론******채용완료2017.10.06125
325Kyungsangnamdo [풀타임]*엘어******채용진행2018.01.26122

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