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For Entrants to Korea Precautions for Arrival at Airport
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For Entrants to Korea

Instructions for Qurantine Subjects

Precautions for Arrival at Airport

Foreigners who  are long-term should go into self-quarantine in their homes

- If you are a foreigner on a long-term stay (i.e., living in Korea) who boarded from Europe,
you will be tested at an open walk-thru screening station at airport and wait for the result at a temporary living facility.
If the result is negative, you will be allowed to leave the facility and enter home quarantine.
- Asymptomatic foreign nationals for long-term stay from the United States should undergo
diagnostic tests within three days of self-quarantine.
- Asymptomatic entrants from all parts of the world except for Europe or the United States should Under
go the diagnostic tests when any symptom appears while being quarantined In homes.

Must wear a facemask all the time and minimize contact or conversation with others

When headong to home, using your private car or should use specially designated airport limusine bus and KTX

*You should dreictly go home and dropping by other places is not allowed

Right after arriving home, should dial to local health centers and inform them you  you are under quarantine

Should move to the designated quarantine facilities by specially designated cars

Guidline for Quarantine Subjects

Guideline for Quarantine

-Refrain from going out of the isolation place to prevent infection from spreading

-Self quarantine subjects should stay in seperate place and commom rooms are frequently vetilated

-If it is not possible to stay alone in separate place, ask help from local health centers

-In case outing is necessary , such as medical appointment , make sure you contact to local helath center first

-Avold sharing your personal items ( personal towels, eating utensils, cell phone ect) with your family members or hosuemates

-In case of symptoms sucn as fever, cough, respiratory difficulites, immediately report to local helath centers

If you do not fully comply with those stated above, you will be face up to 1 year in prision or a 10 million fine

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