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Gimpo near Seoul, start Jun, Kinder to elementary
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If you are interested in, please send your CV with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com

Gimpo near Seoul, start Jun, Kinder to elementary.
Location: Gimpo city
Nationality :US,CA,UK IRE,SA,AUS
Teacher :1

Start date: Jun.2017

Salary: 2.1 to 2.3 million won

Students:  Kinder~Elementary

Housing :Single

Class Schedule : 930am ~640pm

930am punch in

10am~11am: Kinder class

11am~1130am:  break time and preparation class

1130am~1230pm: Kinder class

1230pm~13pm: Lunch

13pm~14pm: Kinder class

14pm~1420pm Circle time

1430pm~1540pm: break tome

1540pm~1840pm:elementary class

1840pm: go home

Length of classes : Aprox. 30-35 hours teaching with 5-10 hours prep

Teaching hours per month : 120 hours per month

Vacation: 2 weeks

Currently native English teacher :1

Air-fare :one way  

Severance Pay :

Health Insurance :Yes





작성일자 : 2017년 06월 01일

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