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Mokpo, Coastal city ,Jeollado, start Sep,1st elementary and middle and high
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If you are interested in, please send your CV with photo to talknlearn1@gmail.com
(F4 or E2) Mokpo,  Coastal city ,Jeollado,  start Sep,1st elementary and middle and high 
Location:Mokpo ,Jeollado
Gender:  male or female 
Starting date SEP,  1st.2019
Type of Students :elementary and middle and High
Nationality :US,CA,
Working days a week : Mon~Friday ,,
Full time Payment : 2.1~2.3 mil won
Completion bonus :,
Operating hours :2m~10pm
House provided,

Airfare two way tickets provided.

Teacher`s Vacation:10 day

Health Insurance : 50%,



작성일자 : 2019년 07월 29일

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